The Gallery- Architypical Objects

Hello All,

It has been a while since I have posted a decent gallery updating my work. I believe that we will start in a reverse chronology with the most recent work. These objects are the basis for my upcoming M.F.A. show tentatively titled Archtypical Objects, which explores the creation of personality and identity through our possessions. The background research is tied to sign, symbol, and archetype theory; attempting to personify idealized cultural heroes into absurd glass creations.


Below is my artist statement for the MFA show Archetypical and accompanying images: adj. pertaining to the development of universal models through fabrications of the absurd and commonplace.


The research delving into the creation of this body of work is based upon my interests regarding the iconography of the hero. Studying the analytical psychology and cultural archetype theories of Carl Jung, Emmanuel Kant, and Joesph Campbell, I am looking for the connections between corporeal objects and the personas they come to define. The idols of our cultures through time contain recurring moral elements that are shaped though a variety of characters from the space cowboy to the high seas Viking, their power often emanating from objects of a divine origin. My obsession within in this phenomena lies in the way that we build our sense of self through the objects we collect, and even more so through those that we create. I am intrigued in the manner of which culturally accepted visual representations shape our established perceptions; the provenance and morale lost in a society that is abstracted by technology and a complex global identity. Facilitated through blown and flameworked glass these vignettes of sentimental mythos and heroic ethos are an attempt to capture the nuances of our culture.


As a child I can remember picking up a stick, a rock, or a rope and translate it into a bow, sword, shield, or a variety of extensions of the body. The fabrication of these objects contains the same spirit of uninhibited imagination, assembling the absurd action object through the jetsam of our surroundings. The work aims to assemble the remnants of memory and grandiose visions of a nostalgic youth; translating rudimentary forms and conjuring objects able to explore the links between form, function, and persona. They exist in a limbo between fantasy and reality, allowing me to reenter into that adolescent inventiveness, attempting to explore a personal yet collective subconscious.


I would like to thank my committee of Steve Feren (chair), Paul Sacarediz, Tom Jones, and Fred Stonehouse, for their support throughout the creation of this show and my academic endeavors. There is a special thank you to my parents, Tom and Margaret Everette, who have encouraged these creative endeavors since I was that boy running around in the yard, raygun in hand.



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